Fire Insurance

Insurance covering loss of properties due to fire and explosion.

Liability Insurance

Protection to indemnify the Insured from legal risk resulting from injuries and other to the third party.

Money Insurance

Protection against loss and damage of money, cheque, and securities by any means, as long as they are stored in a safe box.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Insurance covering loss or damage of motor vehicles and liability to the third party.

All Risk Insurance

Protection against the loss caused by building material damage and liability to the third party

Marine Cargo Insurance

Provides insurance & financial protection against the loss and damage of the cargo during transport.

Marine Hull Insurance

Provides a comprehensive insurance covering loss and damage occured to a ship, machine, and equipment due to the perils of the seas and sailing risks.

Heavy Equipment Insurance

Provides recovery insurance to the Insured for the damage of heavy equipment caused by insurable risks.

Burglary Insurance

Protection against the loss of insured properties due to housebreaking accompanied with coercive, violent, and destructive actions.

Personal Accident Insurance

Designed to provide support for the risk of death, disability, and the impact of financial loss.

Surety Bond

Provides insurance to the obligee for the risk of loss caused by the failure of the principal in performing its responsibility.

Health Insurance

Provides quality accident and health insurance service