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The #1 Best Insurance Brokers in Indonesia
The #1 Best Insurance Brokers in Indonesia
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More about PIB


With great courage, integrity, and responsibility, we define the discerning way we work together with our clients in considering right choice to deliver their needs to get a sharp-sighted and decisive output.

Premier Insurance Broker

PT. Premier Investama Bersama was established since September 2010. With some deeds of reformation as per the market needs that has been observed holistically, we did a massive change to be an insurance broker and risks consultant company by providing a far-flung insurance services. PT. Premier Investama Bersama is a medium to deliver our client’s needs to our trusted and reliable insurance partners so our clients are able to choose our offered insurance services in a distinctive and discerning way.


With our certified professionals who have decent background full of experiences and dedication to deliver our client’s needs, moreover we have become a member of APPARINDO (Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Association of Indonesia) since 23 February 2011 in order to comply the regulations, we professionally present to answer all of your risks insurance needs.


To become a reliable and professional broker insurance company as well as a brilliant choice for our clients.


To provide some professional insurance services to deliver our clients’ satisfaction
To provide the optimal performance as well as dedication by giving the best insurance services.
To deliver our clients toward the brilliant decision in assorting our best insurance services.

Board of Commissioner

Board of Director

President Commissioner

Deddi Yanto

Basuki Jaya
President Director

Romiadi Surbakti
Marketing Director