Premier Insurance Broker

Professional & Reliable

To provide some professional insurance services to deliver our clients’ satisfaction. To provide the optimal performance as well as dedication by giving the best insurance services.


Assist the handling of insurance closing administration, thereby reducing the burden of client administration in the implementation of the insurance program.

Claims Handling

Assisting clients in the filing and settlement of claims arising during the insurance period, including negotiation of settlement of claims if there are any problems with regard to policy conditions.

Consulting Services

Providing consultation services related to problems or related to the insurance program.

Personal Accident Insurance

This personal accident insurance is designed to provide compensation for the risk of death, disability and impact of financial losses.


Provides guaranty to project owner (obligee) againts any financial loss arising out of principal's failure to perform their obligation.

Health Insurance

Providing quality accident and health insurance services.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Financially protects the loss of your vehicles and legal liability to third parties arising out of the use of motor vehicle. asuransi!

Engineering Insurance

Protection against any loss due to material damage of a project and third party liability incurred.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Provides you with indemnity & financial protection for loss of or damage to your cargo whilst in transit.

Marine Hull Insurance

Comprehensive protection of losses and damage that occurs in vessel along with the engine and other auxiliaries, against sea and navigational perils.

Heavy Equipment Insurance

Covers physical loss or damage for your new and used heavy equipment due to the risk insured.

Burglary Insurance

Covers againts any loss, destruction or damage to Insured items caused by burglary with a violentor forcible entry.

Fire Insurance

Protection against the Joss of your assets caused by fire or explosion.

Liability Insurance

Provide cover to indemnify the Insured against legal liability to compensate third party for bodily injury etc.

Money Insurance

Protection againts any loss of cash, bank note, cheque and marketable securities, whilst kept in safe box.